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Your HeartMatters Journey

On my morning walk in the fresh-fallen snow yesterday, I was inspired with the idea to initiate an open online program to support your journey to achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. Admittedly, the inspiration was spontaneous–I shot a quick video about my idea–and have spent a lot of time since then thinking about what I have put out into the universe!

This morning, I’ve written a detailed outline that captures my vision for this online program/series. My enthusiasm for the possibilities is quite robust! I am savoring this container I have opened in my mind and heart that is filling with ideas, opportunities, and yes the possible challenges as well.

My vision is that the series will go for a minimum of three months, be comprised of weekly video posts accompanied by blog posts and links for more information, and an open exchange of ideas, experiences, and feedback via email and responses on the HeartMatters.pro blog. The excitement of this dynamic idea being shared with the world, being shaped by interactions and feedback from the participants is a truly motivating gift to me, and one that I am honored to respond to.

Stay tuned for the first video tomorrow! Now, I’ve got to read up on how to overlay text onto a video recording…

Happy New Year!

Robin Mallery

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  • robin, just watched your video and it was so well done. decided to forward your info to my daughter in the bay area who just graduated in december from baumans college with a certification in nutrition. she graduated from the u of o in ’99 with a degree in sociology and for the past two years has been doing promo work for nutritional companies. she is starting her own business and thought she could benefit from knowing you and your path. all good wished for you in your intentions! Sharon

  • Robin Mallery:

    Thank you Sharon. I appreciate your kind and positive feedback, and that you found the content valuable to send on to your daughter. I would like to connect with her, also!

    Yes, I am motivated, excited, and eager to pursue Your HeartMatters Journey with all who are interested in joining me.

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"Robin Mallery has been working with me for over a year now. During this time, she has introduced me to many different thought and choice options--most importantly she has helped me understand that I am the most important choice. Her passion for living right and feeling even better brings a human support to a process that could easily have been uncomfortable and unsuccessful. She is tireless in her unending support. Her talent for listening heightens a nurturing coaching relationship. I recommend Robin for those that have chosen to change; she will help support that decision, and you will be pleased that you chose to change and that you chose Robin as your coach."

---B.B., restaurant and business owner, Northern California

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