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For 25+ years, I have been promoting optimal health and lifestyle by facilitating workshops and seminars on a wide spectrum of topics.

My speaking style is an easy-to-understand manner with real-life anecdotes to offer an informative and pleasant learning experience for all participants. Whether your group is interested in fitness, eating for health, risk factor identification and modification such as diabetes or heart disease, or relaxation for stress management, I have the clinical knowledge to provide relevant, science-based information. Let me bring my inspiring message about achieving optimal health to your company, professional group or service organization.

RECENT CLIENTS include Vistage, Eskaton, MHA Law, Highgate Senior Living, Nevada County Association of Realtors, SeeJaneDo, St. Mary’s Hospice, and Business and Professional Women.


Managing Daily Stress – Our culture rewards a fast paced life. Learning to elicit the relaxation response by spending just a few moments each day quieting the mind can improve your physical and emotional well-being.

What You Eat Matters – The demanding schedule of the busy professional may not include foods that support optimal health. You will learn the perils of fast food and more importantly, the benefits of eating well. Robin will disclose her tricks-of-the-trade that will give you the information you need to eat healthful foods.

Know Your Risk Factors – Learn about the risk factors that lead to coronary disease and diabetes: LDL cholesterol, post meal glucose and C-reactive protein levels, blood pressure, BMI, fitness, stress, and personal satisfaction, to name a few.

Behavior Change – Willpower alone does not lead to healthy behaviors! Understanding the fascinating science of mind-body medicine leads to behavior change that will support optimal health.

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What Workshop Participants Are Saying:

  • “I wanted to let you know the class you gave on Stress Management was the BEST I have ever attended.  Over the years, I have been to five or six “Stress Management” classes and some were literally a waste of my time and company money.  Thank you for thinking outside-the-box on this subject.  Taking care of our heart, giving ourselves permission to relax once in awhile (via a 90 second power quieting!), mindful thinking and overall harmony – Now that makes sense!  Thank you for giving us this gift of learning a new technique to manage our stress!!”. –Department Manager, Eskaton, Carmichael, CA
  • “The information you provide is invaluable. I also appreciate the info from your website.”
  • “A number of questions were answered for me on nutrition that I hadn’t had answered satisfactorily in the past. Excellent presentation!”
  • “I like the way Robin reinforces what I already know–this keeps me motivated. And today I learned helpful new information: understanding food labels and eating small portions throughout the day. I can’t wait to see what is recommended on her website.”
  • “Your presentation is always worth the hour”.
  • “The workshop was very much about what I am trying to do in my life in wanting to make positive choices.  Now I feel motivated and confident that I can.” –Laura G., Sacramento, CA
  • “The workshop had valuable info that was very useful — I could readily apply it to my life or it confirmed what I was already doing. I now know that my stress level will feel less and become more manageable, if I physically and emotionally feel good. Robin is an excellent, organized, informative presenter.” —A.H., Sacramento law firm
  • “Even though most of us know what not to do, it is helpful to be reminded in such a fun and interesting way. I don’t need to turn to sweets when I am stressed, I can soothe myself by relaxing.” —P.M., Sacramento law firm
  • “Robin gives a energetic presentation, full of valuable, usable information”. —Greg.R., Reno, NV
  • “Today’s workshop: excellent nutrition information and how nutrition relates to exercise; great stuff about relaxation, hey, I think even I can relax now!” —Sam T., Reno, NV
  • “A 3-hour workshop can be a long time. Robin made the time pass quickly with her energy, stories, and medical-based information. She sets a good pace, and balances between topics.” —Scott R., Reno, NV
  • “What a wonderful way to have spent my morning. Robin held my attention with her dynamic speaking style and expertise of the subject”. —Joan M., Carson City, NV
  • “I learned today that breaking down large goals into measurable, smaller step goals is the key to successful life changes. Robin has a great command of the subjects of mindfulness and setting realistic goals. She is motivating and fun to listen to”. —N. L., Pleasanton, CA
  • “Great presentation! I appreciate the resource listing of websites for additional information. The active breaks were refreshing and fun, especially the dark chocolate mindfulness break. It was an excellent way to spend my morning”. —Don T., Carson City, NV
  • “The session on healthy nutrition was informative and real–I left with a new understanding of how I can eat more healthfully”. —Margaret J., Reno, NV
  • “The hour and one-half flew by. Finishing with the relaxation meditation was a perfect way to draw it to a conclusion”. —Lilly N., Nevada City, CA
  • “The workshop exceeded my expectation. We all know about healthy diet, etc., but learning how to bring it to daily life was an excellent addition”. —Colin R., Reno, NV
  • “Great new awareness into dietary and exercise habits. Very motivational.” —Ryan P., Newark, CA
  • “All those great ideas on how to eat REAL food. You should write a book!” —Sara P., Reno, NV
  • “Thank you again for giving your time and expertise to our staff. You are a wealth of knowledge, and you have an engaging presentation style. Your clients are lucky to have you”! —Amy G., Wellness Coordinator, Nevada City, CA
  • “Great speaker today! Whether or not you have a diabetic risk, it was good information for everyone”. —Mark H., Sacramento, CA
  • “I now have a better understanding of how stress and disease is connected. There was a lot of information covered and I think Robin did a good job of delivering it without confusing anyone”. —Shelly N., Sacramento, CA
  • “Your presentation and knowledge of the subject was fantastic. I am hoping we can have you back to learn more about getting back to eating well”. —Margo L., Sacramento, CA
  • “Today I learned that taking small steps goes a long way, and stick to eating real food and keep everything in moderation”. —Leonard D., Grass Valley, CA
  • “I liked Robin’s style. She is clear and concise and on point while speaking. She doesn’t talk down — or too far up — to us. I enjoyed her presentation and got a lot out of it”.  —Jan H., Sacramento, CA
  • “This was a good presentation. The length was just right to provide enough information without losing the audience. Some of this information was new to me, some I had heard before, but it is always good to hear it again with more detail and explanation. I liked the handout booklet. It is clear that Robin is passionate about and lives what she teaches!” —Vistage participant, San Leandro, CA
  • “This was an absolutely delightful workshop. I really enjoyed Robin’s energy and knowledge. This presentation was given in an understandable and ‘user-friendly’ fashion. No judgments, no sermons, just great information”. —Mary T., Santa Rosa, CA
"The Holiday Survival Cooking and Eating Class exceeded my expectations. It was so enjoyable to learn new ideas for healthy snacks and meals, taste the delicious treats we created and leave with an inspired hope that this will be my healthiest holiday season yet! I am impressed with the knowledge and care that Robin (and Wendy from In the Kitchen) both possess and I look forward to taking more classes in the future. Thanks again!"  --Rose M.   “What a wonderful, yummy class! Not only did we participate in creating several easy-to-make, delicious, nourishing dishes for the holidays and every day, we also learned strategies for surviving and enjoying the upcoming holiday season. Both Robin & Wendy were delightful and imparted their cooking and eating knowledge with love, humor, and enthusiasm. I highly recommend their classes to anyone who is interested in developing a better way to look at food, using thoughtfulness with mindfulness to learn some very valuable strategies for eating any time of the year!” --CAM   “I found the class delightful with great ideas for the holidays. In the Kitchen is a warm and welcoming place and you and Wendy were great teaching collaborators. Good new recipes. I appreciate your healthy eating information. I recommend this class to anyone wanting to enjoy the holidays without stressing over food. Actually, the information isn’t just for the holidays. I want to stay healthy all year and eat well.” --Pat B.   "I’ve participated in several classes at In the Kitchen, enjoyed them all immensely, but it is always a special treat when Wendy teaches a class. The recipes offered in The Holiday Survival class were easy to make and so delicious. And what a plus to have Robin co-teach the The Holiday Survival class with Wendy. Thank you, Robin, for all your great information on healthy eating, which was delivered so professionally, dovetailing beautifully into Wendy’s presentation. Hope you two team up again for more classes of scrumptious, healthy recipes. What a fun evening!!" --Carol B. _______________ I love this positive feedback! How gratifying it is to touch the lives of others in a meaningful way…and to be able to do so around a topic that is so dear to me, is just the icing on the cake (right—pun intended!). Wendy Van Wagner and I will continue to offer seasonal cooking classes in addition to the occasional specialty class…stay tuned!
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