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Wisdom 2.0 Conference: Mindfulness in the Modern World

Managing the Stream: Living Consciously and Effectively in a Connected World; From Email Apnea to Embodied Computing: The Breath and Technology; Mindfulness and the Brain: What Science Tells Us; Post-Modern Practice: Awareness in the Age of Technology; Delivering Happiness.

The titles of the panels and presentations from the first day of the Wisdom 2.0 conference say it all. Bringing awareness to our connectedness in this age of technology–what an amazing, complex, and relevant concept to capture and explore in a 2-day workshop.

Some of the speakers are the bright and innovative leaders in high profile tech companies. Others are CEO’s of successful companies. They are all willing to share their perspective on the art of bringing balance to being engaged in the gadgets and tools, and success, while staying present with a vital commitment to quality in your personal life.

The folks from Google talked about supporting their staff and partners by providing healthful food at their work campus, as well as yoga classes. The CEO of Zappos shared the secret to the company’s success by way of explaining how their 10 Core Values permeate the culture from the bottom up and back again. In a nutshell: Deliver Happiness. Twitter was well represented and expressed the moving forward of their company to bring a culture of balance and support to their team. Joan Halifax, a long time Zen practitioner, discussed how her daily mindfulness practice permeates the way she connects with others across the world–she would feel “impoverished” without Twitter, but she is respectful of how, when, and why she sends tweets.


The attendees are an eclectic group of professionals, offering delightful relationship-building dialogues. We are all seeking that balance: taking care of ourselves while taking care of business…

I can’t wait to see what Day 2 will bring!

Robin Mallery

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