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Revive, With Gratitude

The last HeartMatters newsletter was titled, “On Closure, Softly”. I wrote it in June of 2012, and sent it out to the masses. My email inbox filled with responses commenting on the sensitivity with which I wrote of the journey towards my surrender—of stepping back from HeartMatters, my Coaching for Optimal Health consulting practice. Here’s the link for the story, so you can get the background, if you’d like: http://heartmatters.pro/updates/closure-softly

It is my hope now to write with that same sensitivity, as I welcome the revival of HeartMatters. Substantial life changes have occurred in the past one and one-half years, bringing insight and deepening gratitude into every day, that have liberated me to fully embrace a slower, more meaningful manner with which to move about my day.

We’ve moved from our beloved and closely connected community in Northern California to “the heartland”: Evansville, Indiana. After much soul-searching and research, my husband and I decided that what was best for us professionally, and more importantly, on a personal level, was to close his medical practice. John had been in private practice as a Cardiologist for 24 years—and it became apparent to us that our extremely busy pace of life was being dictated by government regulations, reimbursement cutbacks, and so many of our patients having lost their insurance or being under-insured…we were struggling to pay the practice overhead while maintaining a break-neck schedule to meet the needs of our patients and colleagues. We allowed ourselves to wonder if this was truly the life we were meant to live, and this exploration led us to other options. At the end of June 2013, we came to Evansville so John could look at a job within the Veteran’s Administration system. The opportunity for him was ideal: Monday-Friday, 8-4:30 in an out-patient clinic, with no on-call hours, no hospital procedures and all weekends off! What an amazing change from what he had been used to!  We made our departure announcement within our community in early July, we were able to transition our patients and staff to a group of trusted colleagues, and on August 30th, John left for Evansville!

I orchestrated our move, the closing of the medical practice, the wrapping-up of our lives in the town in which we’d lived for nearly 30 years. We had many poignant moments saying goodbye to our loved ones, as well as our patients, many of whom had become like family. Not to mention our long-time staff members, who were family…there were many tears, celebrations, and send-offs. We left feeling fulfilled personally and professionally and were eager to see what our new life would bring.

So many people talked about “how brave” we were to be taking such a leap. They wondered how we’d manage the change in politics, food awareness, climate, and if we’d be able to make new friends who were like-minded thinkers. I wasn’t feeling brave, I was feeling exhilarated about the possibilities that this huge life change would bring.

What I’ve learned about myself through this experience is that I am truly an optimistic person. I anticipate the best outcome of any situation. I embraced this adventure with an open mind and simply love what has come into my life thus far. In Evansville, Indiana of all places!

I’ve been liberated from a “day job” schedule. I am able now to volunteer in ways that are deeply meaningful to me, and with time that—previous to this move—I could only wish for. Due to the variance in the cost of living in the heartland versus California, we are able to sustain a gracious and smaller-footprint lifestyle on John’s salary. Oh my. For the first time in my adult life, I haven’t held a full-time job. Amazing. What a gift!

Research before leaving California led me to Urban Seeds, a small group of committed parents (of wee-little kids!), who endeavor to bring food awareness to the Evansville community. Side note: Indiana is a central location for factory-raised animals and conventionally grown produce. A lot of chemicals are used in agriculture here—a fact that is alarming to many—and, Evansville has a high percentage of citizen’s with obesity and type 2 diabetes. The members of Urban Seeds are making slow inroads in this community to create opportunities for change around eating local, sustainably cultivated produce and animal products. I am now a proud member of their Board of Directors and look forward to contributing to their ongoing success.

As well, I’ve taken a BOD position with the local food co-op. It’s a fledgling store in a rickety old house, that is filled with positive energy and forward motion! There’s a speakers series that I’ll become part of, community promotion for shopping and eating local and away from the big box that I can get behind, all in addition to supporting the cooperative model of commerce.

I’m savoring quality time in our new kitchen, transforming love and joy into delicious meals. I’ve reconnected with my meditation practice and watch the winter birds come to our feeders. I walk with the dog. I write. I sit.

The initial professional endeavor I will pursue is a proposal to Mayor Winnecke to present “lunch and learn” workshops for the city employees and administration. Perhaps a 3-part series to focus on eating well, small-step positive behavior changes, and quieting the busy mind… This type of connection to community is one that is familiar to me, and one with which I can share my knowledge of and passion for living a balanced life.

Hence, the grateful revival of HeartMatters. My foray into the world as a woman with the time and the desire to give to others.  Stay tuned!

Robin Mallery

Robin Mallery

Robin Mallery is passionate about food! Starting from where and how it's grown, to how far that food travels to the dinner table, to how it is prepared and savored...Robin blends shopping, cooking, and eating tips with her unique Kitchen Zen and mindful meals approach to enjoying real food.

While you are waiting for her to finish the upcoming book, "Kitchen Zen: The Journey to Nourish Body and Soul in Our Changing World", you can find Robin's sporadic blog posts here or on FaceBook.
Robin Mallery

12 Responses to “Revive, With Gratitude”

  • Your new friends in Evansville are so appreciative of your optimism and sweet spirit. This was beautifully written. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your willingness to pitch in and help change this community in whatever way you can. I’m looking forward to seeing what can be accomplished here!

  • Robin:

    I thank you, Gwen; you were the first connection I made in Evansville, before we made the physical move and you offered hope and encouragement that I would find my way in this new community. I’m so glad to know you and to be part of Urban Seeds with you!

  • Lori Burkart Frank:

    Sounds like everything is unfolding by perfect design. Something bigger was waiting for you, and you have found it. Look forward to reading more about the gifts you are bringing to your new community.

  • Robin:

    What a sweet note, Lori. Thank you so much for taking time to read this new (lengthy!) post and for commenting with such positivity. Yes, stay tuned! xo

  • Jessica:

    Oh Robin! Indiana is SO lucky to get you! You are absolutely flourishing there. So happy for you, and to read all the wonderful things you are bringing forward there to help others. xxoxoxo

  • Look where I’ve come from, Jessica! You are a part of my life experience that has inspired me to move forward in this manner.

  • Erin:

    I appreciate your intentions and your drive. Thank you for joining Urban Seeds.

  • Melissa Silva:

    Robin, What a beautiful letter. Thank you for being so big and shiny. People are drawn to you like bees to honey. How fortunate Evansville is to have you. You go sweet girl! xoxoxoxo

  • I appreciate your welcome into the community, Erin and for creating space for me within Urban Seeds. Your strong presence as we move forward is a guiding light.
    Robin recently posted..Revive, With GratitudeMy Profile

  • Meli, truest sister of my heart: You have been close to my side for this journey, both physically and spiritually. Your support, love, insight, and of course–the giggles–continue to gently move me on this rich path of discovery. xoxo
    Robin recently posted..Revive, With GratitudeMy Profile

  • Devon:

    What a beautiful transformation you are going through. Evansville is lucky to have you nurture and teach them so many great things. Although I am grateful to have met you in Evansville and share life experiences through social media, I have truly missed out on learning more from you. You will always be in my heart for your kind words and welcome heart. Until we meet again… <3

  • Robin:

    Aw, Devon. Your kind words touch my heart. I feel blessed to have met you also. I’m definitely settling in well in EVV! Take good care and enjoy your adventures. xo

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