Robin Mallery has nearly two decades of cardiac rehabilitation…

“Robin Mallery has nearly two decades of cardiac rehabilitation and health promotion experience working with a broad spectrum of this community. She has the skill, the knowledge, and the wisdom to customize individual wellness programs for people of all backgrounds.”
—Peter Callaham, MD

Robin Mallery

Robin Mallery

Robin Mallery is passionate about food! Starting from where and how it's grown, to how far that food travels to the dinner table, to how it is prepared and savored...Robin blends shopping, cooking, and eating tips with her unique Kitchen Zen and mindful meals approach to enjoying real food.

While you are waiting for her to finish the upcoming book, "Kitchen Zen: The Journey to Nourish Body and Soul in Our Changing World", you can find Robin's sporadic blog posts here or on FaceBook.
Robin Mallery

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  • Entering rehab is one of the most important decisions people make in their lives. It would be a great to see a FAQ post from you! Share more thoughts on this.

  • Rehabilitation centers are doing a very good job they operate on a simple belief that the spirit, mind, and body have a deep connection. and this is essential for therapy. Keep in mind that with drug addiction all these three areas of human life are affected.

  • Alcohol is a very dangerous thing I don’t like this because it destroys the lives. When people get involved in this habit they can’t survive in the world. Then no one can help you and save your life.

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“Robin’s continual encouragement to pick a quit-smoking date inspired me to finally do it. She gave me the tools and strategies I needed to become a successful non-smoker!”
—Kathy D., client

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