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Gratitude Is the Attitude!

Expressing gratitude has benefits to you, personally, as well as to all of us, globally. When we live from the heart, grateful for the small blessings that each day brings, the whole world becomes a better place.

Gratitude is a practice. And, like other habits, the more often it is invited in, the more familiar it becomes, so that the gift of gratitude can be evoked more readily. Begin by reminding yourself, every day, to look around your personal world and name three reasons for your own gratitude at that very moment. After a few weeks of this daily practice, that attitude of gratitude will permeate the way you look at all the events in your life.

You will come to see that even challenging times have lessons for which you can feel grateful. That while you impatiently wait on line at the grocery store, the child in the cart before yours turns to you with a blissful smile that melts your heart — a reason to be grateful. That when you run from your office to your car in the rain and just happen to glance up at the sky, a rainbow has just popped — a reason for gratitude. That when you can’t find a book you’ve been wanting to read and search high and low in your house, you come upon some old photos of your child as a baby and spend an emotional hour savoring those precious moments — a real opportunity for gratitude…

Gratitude brings joy, acceptance, forgiveness, and tolerance. Can’t the world use a bit of that right about now?

Robin Mallery

2 Responses to “Gratitude Is the Attitude!”

  • The world could most definitely benefit from more gratitude! I’m so glad you point out that it’s a practice, because the more I bring it forth, the easier it is to do. Thank you for the reminder! XO
    Shawn Tuttle recently posted..On smoking, loitering, and better marketingMy Profile

  • I am so intrigued by the brain’s ability to adapt and reshape itself…when gratitude and quieting is practiced, the brain will lay down pathways to accommodate those thoughts/emotions; when the new pathways are tapped into over and over, by practicing, they then become the “default” direction of thinking and feeling. So you’re right, Shawn — the practice of gratitude creates familiarity in the brain and it does become easier…
    robinmallery recently posted..Chili, Veggie Style: perfect for a spring snow day meal!My Profile

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