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Hello there! I’m Robin Mallery, a Registered Nurse with 25 + years of experience guiding clients to achieve their optimal health and well-being. I’ve helped thousands of people live fuller, healthier lives. My coaching skills include:

  • Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes management expertise.
  • Knowledge to identify your risk factors and create a plan to decrease those risks.
  • Proficiency in science-based behavior change.
  • The understanding of the body/mind connection that facilitates behavior change.
  • A personal commitment to a vibrant, healthful life!
  • Insider information: the willing departure from a disease management model of health care to a health management, primary prevention model of health care.


My clinical expertise—which includes an extensive understanding of health-depleting risk factors—was acquired while working as a cardiovascular nurse and lifestyle management professional.

Consequent to a successful career as nurse-manager of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at my community hospital, I have branched out into a primary prevention model of health care. As opposed to working with clients after their cardiac event, I feel I can make a more substantial impact in a clients’ life by working with them to prevent their heart attack or diagnosis of diabetes. I want to motivate a client to decrease their risk factors by guiding them in a subtle, effective and pleasant behavior change program to positively impact their future health and quality of life.

As a Cardiac Rehab nurse, I saw that clients shifted from the raw motivation to NEVER repeat their cardiac event to succumb to the stress of a busy life on planet Earth, as they regained their independence and re-established their daily activities. I was fascinated and challenged by the fact that the client often shifted back to the very behaviors that contributed to the onset of heart disease. As a client’s brain became overstimulated with stress — returning to work, paying bills, maintaining a busy schedule — they took the path of least resistance and resumed familiar behaviors such as fast-food eating, not finding time for exercise, mind-numbing TV sessions, and even smoking cigarettes.

I was intrigued by the disconnect between the client’s initial commitment and their ability to follow through, and questioned what was missing in the health care being rendered to my Cardiac Rehab clients. If having a stent placed in a coronary artery or undergoing bypass surgery wasn’t seemingly motivation enough, what would it take? That question was answered when I attended an intensive Behavioral Medicine course at the Harvard Mind Body Medicine Program.

My coaching practice incorporates these principles of Behavioral Medicine and is an extension of my desire to facilitate pleasant and effective small-step behavior change for my clients. The central tenet is cultivating a routine quieting practice–even the busiest of brains can be quieted–which allows for new decision making pathways to be formed in the brain. Healthful behaviors are then able to be chosen, using the new pathways, and soon become the familiar choice, replacing the old behaviors that do not support optimal health.

My personal choices reflect my dedication to optimal living. “I am deeply committed to living consciously. From maintaining a routine fitness program, to a daily quieting practice, to eating whole foods and enjoying a ‘cooking from scratch’ approach to meals, to being connected to my community, I live in gratitude for the rich opportunities that each new day brings.”

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and practical experiences with others—especially those people that wish to enjoy their optimal health.

"When my husband of 34 years died I lost my interest in cooking.  Instead I began relying on quick frozen organic entrees and dinners. After three years I decide to improve the quality of my diet, so I contacted Robin Mallery. Robin helped me create a more nourishing and healthful diet that took my busy teaching and consulting schedule into consideration.

It was a joy to work with Robin. She is knowledgeable, supportive, intuitive, and warm.  I highly recommend her as a Heart Healthy Coach.

Through lifestyle counseling, the sharing of her delicious and healthy family recipes, and an informative and fun "field trip" to a local whole food market, I have shifted to an eating plan that is healthy, delicious, and swiftly prepared. The key to swift and healthy meal preparation for me has been Robin's 90-minute Sunday afternoon food prep model, a strategy that assures quick and delicious high quality meals throughout the week. I consider my leisurely Sunday afternoon food preparation time as self-indulgent "me" time, and enjoy chopping, baking, and sauteing against the backdrop of classical music and a glass of wine.  I also love the fact that a nutritious and delicious dinner is ready when I walk through the door every night of my work week.  It's as if I finally have that personal chef I have always coveted, only it's me!"  ---Patricia J., Nevada City

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