Zion Nat'l Park, Columbine

Sunday bliss

This may be the richest Sunday on record! The morning ride was bittersweet–relief from the hot summer temperature, but a stark awareness that Fall is soon to arrive. The smell of damp flora and the chill in the air was all about the change of seasons. A hard but brief rain would convince me for sure. Later, a two (yes 2!) hour massage. Absolute heaven. Now, the quiche is in the oven, green beans and garlic are ready to be roasted, artichokes are simmering. The afternoon light illuminates the kitchen, it is so cozy in there, and the smells are so tantalizing. Soon, I will sit with my family to savor a home cooked, locally raised dinner (the chokes come from Monterey area), basking in the joy that is my life. I am truly blessed.

HeartMatters News – Issue 3

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Mindful Response
Eat Well
Get Moving!
Your Heart Matters July 2009

Issue 3


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–Louisa May Alcott


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Mindful Response

60 seconds is all it takes…

It is well accepted that in our society, we are immersed in a fast paced way of life. Much is known about the potential negative consequences of unrelieved stress on both our physical and emotional health. While there may be some opportunity to alleviate your own personal stress triggers to some extent, two more realistic and immediate choices are available to you. One is to modify the manner with which you respond to a stress trigger, and the other is to practice the elicitation of a relation response on a regular basis.

Both of these choices are appealing, because both are attainable, pleasant, and very beneficial.

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Navigate the Food Highway

Or how to enjoy eating well

Food temptation is everywhere! Tantalizing samples in the grocery store, candy and chips at the checkout stand, chocolate covered strawberries in the downtown specialty store window, and who can resist the aroma wafting from Cinnabon at the mall?

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Get Moving!

Your body and mind will thank you for it

  • Decide on a physical activity that you enjoy and one that is readily available to you.
·    Think about expense, weather, and time management.
  • Write a realistic physical activity goal.
·    For instance, “I will walk 2 days this week for 15 minutes”, or “I will attend a yoga class this Friday”.
  • Consider enlisting an “exercise buddy”.
·    This is certainly not mandatory, but if there is a fun friend out there who is expecting your arrival for a walk or class, there will be an element of accountability that may keep you going. Not to mention the added fun and pleasure you will experience in the sharing.


Learning and growth opportunity

For 20 years, Robin has been promoting optimal health and lifestyle by facilitating workshops and seminars on a wide spectrum of topics.

Her easy-to-understand manner and real-life anecdotes offer an informative and pleasant learning experience for all participants. Whether your group is interested in eating for health, fitness, risk factor identification and modification, or relaxation for stress management, Robin has the clinical knowledge to provide relevant, science-based information.  Let her bring her inspiring message about achieving optimal health to your company, professional group, or service organization.

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Take Action

About HeartMatters

The dynamic process of behavior change becomes a reality when you identify your health vision, from which we will create realistic daily and weekly goals that bring you ongoing success and forward movement. Optimal lifestyle management is a long-term commitment that is within reach. Contact me today learn how you can enjoy optimal physical and emotional health and well-being.


“When I began to work with Robin as a client, she immediately recognized that my success involved more than treating issues relating to my heart. Her knowledge and caring has given me the opportunity and confidence to improve my overall health and mental outlook for the future. I have received excellent care from many doctors but what may be more important is that Robin has made me want to do more for myself.
—Pat G., Client

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